Savings Products

Ausiken Co-op has a wide range of savings products. The savings will be invested in loans and other profit oriented projects.

Shares on Equity Capital

Each member shall purchase at least 5 shares of $50 each. Shares shall not be refundable or assignable as collateral for a loan, but a member may transfer his shares to other members on leaving membership of the Co-operative.
Shares may earn dividends paid from net surplus after required transfers to reserves at the end of a financial year in accordance with the dividend policy of the Co-operative.

Deposits Accounts

These deposits may be used as collateral against borrowings from the Society and shall only be refunded when a member withdraws from membership and provided the member has fully repaid all his debts and is free from guarantee. Deposits may however be transferable from one deposit account to another provided the transaction does not contravene the Co-operative policy.