About Ausiken Co-operative Limited

Ausiken Co-op is a savings and credit co-operative registered in Western Australia. The members contribute monthly as savings and depending with the savings, one will be able to access loans to pay school fees, a car, invest and even pay for holidays. The interest rates are as low as 1% per month. The returns are recouped as dividends to the members.

All what a member needs to do is put savings for at least 6 months to be able to secure any form of a loan.

Brief history

Ausiken Co-op was initially constituted by John Ngugi and Daniel Ndegwa. The Kenya Fellowship of WA led by Pastor Josephat Muteti, Christopher Ruto and Harry Mbole has so far played a vital role in its formation. It is through this platform that we believe God has a purpose for this unity.
As a community in the diaspora, we face similar financial challenges and with God’s love and unity we can conquer these hardships by encouraging thrift. Together we shall grow.

The management board

The current board of directors are; Daniel Kariuki Ndegwa, John Ngugi Kamau, Harrison Muthui Mbole, Hylene Mayaka and Jesca Ng’eno.